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Game of Throne Fans take your seat on the Iron Throne

Game of Throne Fans take your seat on the Iron Throne

13 February 2017 Back to offers


Game of Thrones Fans take your seat on the Iron Throne.

Have you ever dreamed of being a King, Queen or Khaleesi?

Do you love the worldwide Book & TV hit Game of Thrones, where you win or you die?

Unlike Ned Stark, there is no need to lose your head to achieve your dream of sitting on the iconic Iron Throne of the Kingdom of Westeros, as it will be in Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin on Friday February 17th to Sunday 19th, open to the public to take their seat on the Iron Throne.

Fancosmic’s ‘Iron Throne Experience’ is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Calling it “impressive” is an understatement. On the epic Game of Thrones TV show, the Iron Throne was constructed by Aegon I Targaryen, the first king of the Seven Kingdoms. He made it from the swords surrendered by his enemies. Legend has it, it’s made of a thousand swords that took 59 days to hammer out into a throne. Spikes and jagged edges in every direction make this one very intimidating lounge. Fancosmic's HBO licensed replica measures over 7’2” in height, 5'11" in depth and 5'5" in width. Also on display are HBO licensed replicas the Crown of Joffrey Baratheon, and swords Ice, Longclaw, Needle, Oathkeeper and Jaime Lannister, and Dragon eggs.

Tickets available at event from €10 include seated professional photos.  Why not dress up for the occasion, and take a photo with your henchmen or handmaidens? The only decision is what house colours will you wear?

“In Game of Thrones many people die in the battle to rule Westeros from the Iron Throne, but the people of the West don’t need to lose their heads to sit the Iron Throne.  They can come along to Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin from February 17th to 19th” says Iron Throne Experience producer Stephen Saleh.

Be the envy of all your social media friends, take your seat on the Iron Throne only at Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin.  Open hours this February 17th Friday 10am - 8pm; Feb 18th Saturday 10am - 6pm; Feb 19th Sunday 11am - 6pm.. See for more.



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