Nail & Beauty Bar

Contact Information

01 820 9119

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Nail & Beauty Bar

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Nail & Beauty Bar

Opening hours

Monday 9-9pm

Tuesday 9-9pm

Wednesday 9-9pm

Thursday 9-9pm

Friday 9-9pm

Saturday 9-6pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Nail Bar

Sculptured Nail Acrylic and Gel

TruGel UV 2 week gel polish

Pro Polish UV 2 week gel polish

Manicures & Pedicures

Nail Art

Crystal Toes

Gel Overlays

Occasional nails

File & Paints

Beauty Bar

New Laser Hair Removal

Semi Permanent Eyelashes


New Sugaring


False Tan

Make Up

Occasional lashes

Skin Bar

30min Skin Solutions

Maximum results in minimum time for people on the go



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